Germany in 2050 – a greenhouse gas-neutral country

The German Umweltbundesamt (UBA) has now published an English translation of its report on Germany’s plans regarding greenhouse gas emissions. I was involved in this project as a translator, and am very pleased to see the translators and proofreaders credited on the inside cover of the English version. If you want to peruse the translation, you can find it online here. The original German report is available here.

Translating architecture – terminology

During my career as a translator, I have increasingly specialised in particular subject areas. One such area is architecture and planning. The article below describes some of the challenges posed by the specific terminology I have encountered. I wrote this in the early stages of translating a dissertation on the manuscript ‘La Construction des villes’ by Le Corbusier. It describes some of the challenges posed by the terms used in the book, which contains both the German essay and the French manuscript. My article was first published in the ITI’s Construction and Environment network newsletter. In pursuit of the intangible

…et en français l’article: À la poursuite de l’intangible traduit par Pierre Fuentes, qui est paru dans la revue Traduire.