Conference countdown

The date of ITI Conference 2017 is fast approaching, and the buzz is certainly audible! I’m really looking forward to a second stint as a speaker, this time with a presentation entitled More than meets the eye: translation in the advertising world.

Advertising and promotional material is something I’ve worked on from a variety of viewpoints, throughout my career. I’ll share some insights gained over the years and reflect on how translators can really add value when it comes to creating advertising copy. There are many different facets to the linguistic work behind the scenes.

This is a world that’s constantly changing, as illustrated by my experiences – indeed that’s one reason translators might feel at home here. We’re used to being in learning mode all the time as the world and its words evolve…

What work will the future hold for translators, who will provide it, and in what form? I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I do aim to discuss with my audience how translators can best prepare to meet the demand.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the series of short programmes Marketing – Hacking the Unconscious on BBC Radio 4.