Planning meets social research

I have translated a variety of texts about planning, and this one focused on the discipline’s impact on society. Jean-Pierre Garnier wrote a chapter for a book about Henri Lefebvre and his writing, which I translated as: ‘Greater Paris’: Urbanization but no Urbanity – How Lefebvre Predicted our Metropolitan Future.

The quotation below from a translation of Lefebvre’s work provides a flavour of the ideas explored in the chapter, and is quoted at the beginning.

“It is worth remembering that the urban has no worse enemy than urban planning and “urbanism”, which is capitalism’s and the state’s strategic instrument for the manipulation of fragmented urban reality and the production of controlled space”.

Henri Lefebvre, ‘The Survival of Capitalism: Reproduction if the Relations of Production’, 1976, translated by Frank Bryant, New York: St. Martin’s Press.

For further details of the publication, see the table of contents in English. A debate was held when the book was launched, and the audio recording is available here.

Pour ceux qui s’y intéressent, Jean-Pierre Garnier a publié l’écrit en Français.